Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus, offered by QualDrive Driving School, is a comprehensive hands-on training program meticulously crafted to elevate driving skills and instil safer driving practices. This specially tailored course spans a minimum of 6 hours, delivering invaluable insights and practical experience to drivers keen on enhancing their driving abilities.

How Pass Plus Training Works at QualDrive

The Pass Plus training program is a comprehensive journey spanning a minimum of 6 hours, strategically divided into 6 modules, each targeting specific driving scenarios to enhance your overall driving skills. Our focus is on practical sessions, empowering you with real-world experience in various conditions. While the primary emphasis is on hands-on experience, some modules may integrate theoretical components, addressing local driving conditions and best practices.

Throughout the program, you'll spend at least 5.5 hours actively engaged in driving. Unlike a traditional test, Pass Plus assessment occurs continuously, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of your proficiency in each module. Upon reaching the required standard in all modules, your instructor will provide you with a training report form, which both you and your instructor must sign.

Subsequently, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will send you a certificate by post, typically within 2 weeks. Successfully completing the Pass Plus program at QualDrive not only enhances your driving skills but also earns you official recognition from DVSA, marking a significant milestone in your journey towards safer and more proficient driving.

Urban Driving

Driving in Diverse Weather Conditions

Navigating Rural Roads

Nighttime Driving

Handling Dual Carriageways

Motorway Driving


At QualDrive Driving School, Pass Plus fees are tailored to factors such as your location, the specific instructor or driving school you choose, and the duration of your training. Our commitment to providing flexible and affordable options ensures that you receive high-quality training without breaking the bank.

Pass Plus fees at QualDrive start from £240, offering a competitive and transparent pricing structure. This comprehensive program is designed to enhance your driving skills and promote safer practices on the road, and we believe in making this valuable training accessible to all.

For detailed information on Pass Plus fees based on your location and individual preferences, feel free to reach out to our dedicated team at QualDrive. We are here to assist you in taking the next step towards becoming a more skilled and confident driver.

Car Insurance Discounts

Upon successfully completing the Pass Plus program at QualDrive, you become eligible for exclusive car insurance discounts. To unlock these savings, you must hold a valid Pass Plus certificate. We recommend reaching out to your insurance provider to inquire about your eligibility for a discount, even if you obtained your practical driving test certification over a year ago.

The extent of the discount may vary among different insurance companies, and it's important to note that not all insurers offer Pass Plus discounts. However, at QualDrive, we are committed to ensuring you reap the maximum benefits from your training. We provide detailed information about current insurers offering discounts of up to 30% on driver policies following the successful completion of our Pass Plus driving course.

Take the next step in your journey towards safer and more skilled driving with QualDrive, where your commitment to excellence is rewarded not only with enhanced driving skills but also with potential savings on your car insurance premiums.

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Course Enrolment

To secure your spot in our upcoming Pass Plus course, please take a moment to fill out the enquiry form below. Simply select 'Pass Plus' from the dropdown menu to indicate your interest. We'll get back to you promptly with all the necessary details to finalize your booking and embark on this enriching journey towards advanced driving skills with QualDrive. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in enhancing your driving proficiency and ensuring a safer and more confident experience on the road.

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